Korea Day 8: Jeju Island pt. 3

On our final day at Jeju Island, we saw a couple more attractions before flying back to Seoul.

Eco Land: a glorified nature walk

We visited Eco Land at the suggestion of our tour guide. It was the only privately-owned tourist attraction we went to, and it was obvious at first sight. While the previous places I've written about before did have entrance fees, they were pretty cheap ($1-2) and subsidized by the government. Not so for Eco Land.

Also, when you are taken around by an old-style train, you know it's tourist-y. Even so, it did have some pretty landscapes and photo opportunities.


The train.

Nature Walk

The first section was a cute nature walk along a pond.


Lake Bridge

Cute waterfall



Flower Garden

The second section was a flower garden. It was a good opportunity for some close-up shots. It makes me want to buy a macro lens.

Blue Flower

Purple flower

Flower with honeybee

Seongsan Ilchulbong

Seongsan Ilchulbong is a really cool volcanic formation on the eastern coastline of Jeju. It sits on a very narrow strip of coastline, and has a beautiful green crater on top (see this picture on Wikipedia for a view from the air). The peak is a UNESCO Natural Heritage site, and is also known as "Sunrise Peak" because its eastern location makes it the perfect location to see the sun rise.

We weren't able to be there that early, but we did go all the way to the top (It may look tall, but the elevation gain is pretty low and a trail of stone steps led all the way up).

Peak from the base

Coastline around the peak

Crater at the top

Crater at the top. Click the image for a 360° panorama of the view from the top.

View from the top

View from the top. Click the image for a panorama of the view.