Korea Day 2: Shopping in the Rain

Today was a day of exploratory shopping. It was also a day of downpours and thunderstorms. In America that wouldn't be so bad since a lot of good shopping are inside malls. But when all the cool stuff is in shops off the street in Seoul, it's unfortunate.


We started the day by going to Myeong-dong, one of the busiest shopping districts in Seoul. It lived up to its reputation: even in the rain it was quite busy.



One thing that was interesting was that there were also underground markets, at subway station entrances.

Lunch in Itaewon

Afterwards, we had lunch at a Turkish restaurant, Ankara Palace. My cousin-aunt knew the owner, so we got a special multi-course lunch. Soup and bread started the meal, followed by a Turkish pizza, followed by a huge kebab plate, and rounded out with Turkish tea and baklava. It was delicious!

Bread oven

Kebab plate

Shopping in Itaewon

Lastly, we spent more time shopping in Itaewon. The stores here were really interesting, probably because the area is so multicultural.

Itaewon sidestreet

There were also some cool-looking storefronts and buildings. One store was called Ctrl-A. So I guess they want you to...buy ALL the things?

Trapezoid building

Hats on