Korea Day 1: The Longest Day Ever

This marks the start of (hopefully regular) posts about my trip to Korea this summer.

Dawn of the First Day: 426 Hours Remain

My trip started at 2:30 AM, when my parents woke me to get ready to head to the airport. I had been fighting a cold for the past few days, and waking up this early was most definitely not helping. But it had to be done--we left the house at 3:30, picked up my aunt, and got to Dulles International for our 6 AM flight to San Francisco.

Note to Self: Airline Food Sucks

While the first flight to SF was only 5 hours long, the second flight from SF to Seoul was 11. I've never been on a plane anywhere close to that long before (unless you count that time when I went to Europe when I was like two years old and don't remember a thing).

The duration of the flight was not the only new thing for me--this was also my first time having multiple free meals on a single flight. For some reason I expected better food at the time, but in retrospect should not have expected anything great from United.

It was also my first time on a 747 (again, that I remember). The plane is huge! But despire its size, United still packs us in like sardines.

But every cloud has a silver lining: They showed The LEGO Movie on the plane, and I hadn't seen it before. I thought it was a great movie, and I really liked the setting.

Arriving at Incheon

When we finally arrived at Incheon International, there were a few things I immediately noticed. The airport was so clean, like spotless. It was also super quiet. It was kinda nice after listening to jet engines for the previous 16 hours.


After meeting up with my mom's cousin, we took a taxi to Seoul (Itaewon, to be exact). It's a vibrant neighborhood with a lot of shopping and nightlife. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take any pictures of the area, but I should have opportunities later.

Boutique Hotel: An Interesting Experience

We're staying in a boutique hotel in Itaewon, and it's definitely the most interesting hotel I've stayed in. The building's decor is very hip and interesting. Here are some pictures of our room:

This fashionable lady adorns the wall:
Room and Wall Art

The bathroom is a very interesting glass box:
Bathroom 1

Bathroom 2

Even the toilet is smart. What do all these controls do??
Toilet Controls

There are some ceiling mirrors, so I had to do the obligatory ceiling selfie:
Ceiling Mirror Selfie

Walking around Itaewon

After checking in and relaxing for a bit, we went back out to walk around Itaewon after sundown. We also ate some bulgogi and bibimbap for dinner. And when I say dinner, I really mean 6th meal, since this is the longest day ever, remember? Even so, it was delicious. After dinner, we went to McDonald's for some dessert. I had an "Oreo Affogato" which was crushed Oreos and soft-serve infused with some sort of iced coffee, and it was great. Why is this not in the States?